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Janice's Pick

The Marriage of Opposites is a beautiful piece of historical fiction about a Jewish family who immigrates from Paris to St Thomas and starts a general store. The scenes take place between Paris and St. Thomas and a vibrant Jewish community on the Island.  Inspired by the book, Janice went to visit the synagogue there because she was so enthralled.  People go to the Caribbean all the time and wonder about the culture.  This book really tells about the culture of the island, the people and how they live.

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Arwen's Pick

Kamila Shamsie's new novel, Home Fire, is a beautiful and heartbreaking story of an immigrant family in London, struggling with their identities and loyalty to one another.  This is a timely, thought-provoking novel that will engross you from the very beginning.

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Tegan's Pick

I love this book because of the parallel stories between a divorced couple and a grandfather with custody of his granddaughter. The way Moyes brings the two stories together flows effortlessly and since I'm studying equine science, the discussion of all things horse in the story really drew my attention!

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Charlee's Pick

One of the most important books of the decade, in my opinion. Hochschild tries to cross the "empathy wall" and understand how the American political scene became so divided. Fascinating subject, wonderful writing.


Nicole's Pick

Sherman Alexie's new memoir is a "quilted" mix of intertwined stories and poems. He examines his complex relationship with his mother and his childhood, along with providing a realistic perspective of America (historically and present). A very relevant and important read for the day.


Avery's Pick

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Station Eleven is a deeply introspective novel about the weight of the arts in humankind and how they can be used to cope when all else has been stripped away. As both a musician and writer, this theme, as well as the very tangible cast of characters in the book, combine to make it one of my favorites!